What the customers say...

"I’m genuinely excited to share my thoughts on The Culinary Companion! This has been an absolute game-changer for my wife and myself. The precision and care that Chef G puts into balancing the macros while keeping the flavors top-notch are truly unbelievable! It’s been a fantastic tool for my wellness journey, helping me stay on track with my goals without sacrificing the taste. The meals are a constant reminder that eating healthily doesn’t mean you have compromise on the enjoyment of eating delicious food! For anyone looking to take control of their nutrition in a delicious way, The Culinary Companion is the way to go!"

- Marcus G.

"No better place to get your meals! Great for you and they taste even better, I love'em!"

- Craig G.

"I've had these meals for well over a year now and the results are real. These meals are the truth. These delicious macro based meals are perfect for any occasion, but exceptionally great for the busy dad who wants to eat right, but taste great at the same time. The Culinary Companion has taken the hard work out of the equation for me when it comes to food."

- Tony C.

Simple. Honest. Food.

The Culinary Companion aims to provide nutritional and great tasting food. We belive in producing delicious foods that are nutrient dense and highest quality.

  • Fuel your body deserves

    The biggest hurdle for most people throughout their "weight management" journey is nutrition. Our balanced, macro-friendly meals can help with the consistency and convenience you need to achieve your goals.

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  • Exactly What I Needed

    "Working full time and taking care of two little ones made it difficult to make the food I needed. The Macro Meals have been a huge help on my journey. They are easy, convenient, and delicious."

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  • On the Road

    "My job keeps me on the road 80% of the time. The Macro Meals made it easy to just pack them up, hit road, and have delicous and healthy food that I need to hit my goals."

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  • Just what the doctor ordered

    "After seeing my doctor and being told I was pre-diabetic last year, I knew I had to make better eating choices. A friend recommended The Culinary Companion and that changed everything for me! I've tried plenty of mela prep places but, couldn't stick to any of them because the food just wasn't good. The Culinary Companion was different. All of their meals have been delicious and packed with flaovr. I feel like I'm eating at a restaurant every time I sit for a meal. With their help, I've gotten out of the pre-diabetic zone, down 35 lbs, and my body looks and feels so much better!"

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Convenient & Consistent

Macro meals are a convenient option to hitting your goals and staying consistent with your program, whatever that may be. Even if it is to just have a better option that the fast food, Macro Meals are perfect for nearly everyone.

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We now offer weeky subscriptions for our bundles. When you subscribe, you will receive an additional 10% of the already discounted price!

What a deal!!

Food That Feeds Your Goals, & Your Soul

Fresh Meals

All meals are prepared fresh and packaged, ready to heat and eat. Leaving the meals fresh and not frozen, maintains the quality and deliciousness of the food.

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